Healthy MindBody and Environment

It is important to realize that we and everything around us is made up of energy.

Backed by the latest scientific developments, we are starting to realize that everything is energetically connected, and that we can no longer isolate the different systems in our minds and bodies from one another. What is more, we can no longer isolate ourselves from one another, or from our environment. Whatever we think, say, feel or do affects not only ourselves, but everybody and everything around us.

Integrating body, emotions and mind is the key to being healthy and living a happy life. It isn’t possible to separate physical health, mental, emotional or spiritual health from each other. We can’t maintain our physical health if we are unwell on any other level. Our body, mind, emotions and spirit work together as an integrated system.

If we are unwell on any of these levels our system becomes unbalanced, leading to lack of energy and disease.
Healing ourselves holistically will address imbalances on all levels and facilitate the natural flow of energy throughout the body, without blockages or resistance.

Healthy Body

Keeping fit and healthy is key to increasing your energy and happiness levels.

Listen to your body

Many of us become so caught up by life’s daily pressures and stresses that we forget about our bodies, or we feel we don’t have the time to spend on taking care of our bodies. Neglecting our bodies can lead to serious problems in the long run.

It is important to stay in tune with your body and to take note of any signals that it is giving you, such as lack of energy, stress related symptoms, pains or aches. We don’t need to run to the doctor every time we feel out of sorts, but we can learn to listen and understand the underlying causes of any discomfort or dis-ease. We can even learn how to heal ourselves!

If we take responsibility for the way we treat our bodies we can avoid having to rely on doctors and running up unnecessary medical bills. Prevention is easier than cure.

Things we can do to stay energetic, healthy and fit:

Some people love physical exercise and sports, but those of us (like me!), who struggle with the thought of doing regular exercise, can find simple, quick and fun and varied ways to keep fit, e.g.

  • Walking or running in nature
  • Dancing and playing
  • Yoga
  • Rebounding

It’s OK to pig out occasionally, but in general it is necessary to stick to a healthy diet if you want to stay energetic and healthy.

Getting enough sleep is necessary for the body to self-regulate and to repair.

Massage releases feel-good hormones in our body and helps to heal.

Grounding or Earthing

The latest scientific research has found that walking barefoot or lying down on the earth can help increase energy, fight disease and reduce stress hormones and inflammation.

Healthy Mind

Healthy Thoughts

A positive attitude and mindset is key to raising your energy and to manifesting joy and abundance.
Being positive and happy raises your energetic frequency. The universe matches your vibrational energy and reciprocates by delivering more things that uplift you and make you happy.

Healthy Emotions

Feelings like love, joy and peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies.
Heavy emotions like fear, anger or shame vibrate at low frequencies.

Things we can do to uplift our energy frequency

Whatever brings you in to a state of flow is perfect, e.g:

  • Deep breathing exercises.
  • Regular meditation practice.
  • Communing with nature and animals.
  • Always finding things to appreciate and to be grateful for.
  • Being kind and loving to others.
  • Being kind and loving to ourselves.
  • Practicing and bringing in to our lives the uplifting qualities of peace, love, joy and compassion.
  • Forgiving ourselves and others.

Things we can avoid bringing our energy frequencies down

  • Stop overthinking things.
  • Avoid judging, bitching, moaning and gossiping.
  • Learn how to manage feelings like anger, hurt, guilt, sadness or depression.
  • Clear emotional blocks and past traumas.
  • Let go of the old negative beliefs, stories, habits, identities or concepts about yourself imposed on you through social conditioning.
  • Come to terms with our shadow self (being the victim, controller, manipulator, etc).

How can we manage our energy pathways to finally achieve health and happiness?
 By learning how to become more positive, by healing ourselves or finding the help to heal and get rid of the ‘baggage’ that is holding us back. That will release and balance our energy and set us free to have happier relationships with ourselves and with others; and ultimately to live a happy, full and abundant life.

Healthy Environment

Research demonstrates that stress is the greatest cause of disease.

Our environment affects how much stress or discomfort we feel. Studies have shown that we can improve our mood and reduce stress with as little as five minutes of exposure to nature every day. This can be as simple as sitting in the sun or looking out a window at a natural setting.

The conditions of our living and working environments have an effect on our health and our quality of living.
We can improve conditions by being aware of what is affecting you positively or negatively.

Negative influences:

  • Clutter
  • Chemicals and toxins in:
The cleaning products we use in our homes.
    • The cosmetics we use on our skin that are derived from petroleum by-products.
    • Additives in the processed foods we eat.
  • Plastic and synthetic products in any form.
  • Harsh lighting or extreme temperatures.

Positive influences:

  • Nature
  • Pets
  • Taking the sun
, especially in the early morning.
  • Uplifting, soothing or happy music
  • Grounding/Earthing
  • Bringing nature into your living or working environment, e.g interior gardens or aquariums, or art with a nature theme.
  • Caring and loving interactions with all living things stimulate the feel good hormones.

By becoming responsible for our immediate environments we can help to improve not only our health but also contribute to improving the health of our mother earth, which we so dearly depend on.

Healing our unconscious or shadow side

We all have unconscious negative blocks or beliefs and emotional trauma that hold us back in life or cause us to self-sabotage or develop dis-ease. We are only able to deal with these through techniques that address the unconscious, such as Energy Healing.

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