Eril lives in a rural village near the coast in the Western Cape, South Africa. She loves living close to nature, taking long walks along the river and by the ocean – and being able to grow her own fruit, veg and herbs. She is aware of the importance of our connection to the earth, and to keeping as healthy and fit as possible in order to live a happy life.

As an intuitive guide, teacher and healer, she is passionate about helping people to heal holistically so that they can find true freedom and purpose, and also to become happier by making better and healthier lifestyle choices.

As a lightworker, multipotentialite and cosmic gypsy, Eril endeavours to assist in raising world consciousness and co-creating a peaceful, nurturing world, driven by the core qualities of love, joy, truth and wisdom by using cutting edge energy healing techniques that are supported by the principles of quantum physics.

She has had a lifelong interest in philosophy, metaphysics and psychology and has read extensively in those fields. Early on, Carl Jung and his work on archetypes and symbols made a great impression on her; and in her deep knowledge of astrology uses personal and transpersonal archetypes and symbolism as a blueprint for our psychological makeup and healing.

An underlying driving force to become more self aware and to raise consciousness has lead her to study and practise meditation, yoga and healing techniques, such as Cranio Sacral Therapy and Distant Energy Healing.

Eril first started out as a graphic designer, and has had many years of international experience. Furthermore, her extensive and varied experience as an entrepreneur enables her to mentor up-and-coming healers and lightworkers on branding and marketing techniques to boost their heart centered businesses.

Eril's journey to health, fitness and happiness

Like all of us, she has been through ups and downs in life. Personally she has struggled with burnout, loss, grief, PTSD and a near death experience with cancer which lead her to energy healing techniques and ways to boost her health and energy levels in a natural and holistic way. She is now living a healthy, happy and abundant lifestyle.

Making choices on any level of yourself – be 
it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – affects your energy levels, your state
 of happiness, your relationships and how you interact with your environment. Eril has proven the know-how and experience to help you overcome whatever is holding you back from happiness, and will work with you, wherever you are in the world. (See how distant energy healing works HERE)

The purpose of this website is to raise the awareness that we are sovereign beings, as well as the importance of healing, aligning and integrating Self with mind, body, spirit and environment; and how that contributes to raising energy levels – which in turn leads to health, wellbeing, happiness and abundance.

“You have the power within you to change your self and to create the life you want”.

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Mobile: +27 (0)81 842 5859

Email: eril@mweb.co.za