Heal with Astrology

Awareness is healing

Astrology can help you find the most challenging aspects that affect your life. Merely becoming aware of them can start the healing process.

An astrological chart is drawn up using your time, date and place of birth. It charts the positions of the planets, the astrological signs, their relation to your position on earth, as well as the relationships they form to each other when you are born. It forms a blueprint of your character and all the potentialities of your life.

Why Astrology?

You can't change the character traits you have been given in your astrological, or natal chart, but you can change how you deal with them, positively or negatively. I liken this to being dealt cards in a poker game. You can't change the cards you have been given, but you can change what you do with them, for better or worse.

That is why Astrology is so useful. It can help you to become more aware of yourself – and awareness sets you on the path to healing or empowerment through knowledge of your negative or positive traits. You don't have to be a victim of your circumstances anymore. You can become self-empowered through knowledge of yourself.

The possibilities are endless. Astrology can help you find the challenging aspects that affect your health and negative situations that are holding you back, as well as the positive characteristics you can employ to find your career path, your gifts or your calling. It can help in any area of your life, such as health, career, financial, love relationships, etc.

Private Readings

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What is holding you back?

Once we become aware of the challenging aspects in your natal chart, I can help you to facilitate deep healing in those areas through Energy Healing Activations.

Heal with Astrology. Find out from your natal chart what your biggest shadow and karmic areas are and receive a healing session.

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Finding your career path or calling

Find out through your Astrological Natal Chart where your talents lie and what you are most aligned to professionally and financially.

Only R300 (20 $US)

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