Healing Sessions

Energy Healing

For thousands of years, long before Western scientists discovered the laws of quantum physics, Eastern medicine recognised energy as the principal factor contributing to health and wellbeing.

Energy healing modalities such as acupunture, reiki, polarity healing and cranio sacral therapy, have been adopted in the West for the past few decades, either as an alternative to traditional Western medicine, or to complement it - as in integrative medicine.

Why Energy Healing?

The aim of energy healing is to completely release trauma, and thereby cure the patient of the CAUSE of dis-ease.

Energy healing takes a holistic approach, meaning that it takes the whole person into account by considering the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of an individual. We are multi-dimensional beings with conscious and unconscious aspects, and with systems that are interconnected. If one aspect of a human being is changed, it has an effect on the whole.

Energy healing is non-invasive and does not have secondary effects. According to conservative estimates published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, illness resulting from mainstream medical treatment and prescription drugs (iatrogenic illness) is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Ever increasing studies and statistics are revealing the negative effects of toxic prescription drug use, which should be setting off alarm bells for all of us.

Distance Energy Healing

Distant energy healing, also known as remote energy healing, is based on the principle in quantum physics that energy is not restricted by time or location, and therefore can be practised over any distance at any time, so that the person being observed or healed does not have to be present.

For more information on Distance Energy Healing, Click Here.

Private Readings & Healing Activations

A Private Session includes an energy scan to find your most important blocks, as well as a healing activation.

We meet on Skype (optional) for the Energy Scan and to discuss your concerns. After that I will find more specific blocks and perform a Distance Healing Activation (± 1/2 an hour) and send you a written report.

This is incredible value at just R500 (39 $US).


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