Coronavirus Distant Energy Healing

This quantum energy healing practice is ideal for those who are self-isolated and experiencing the symptoms of the Covid-19 Coronavirus because it can be done over a distance (by Email, Skype, etc.).

How Energy Healing works for Coronavirus

We clear big 'clouds' of mucus, miasma and debris around the heart and lung area in your energy field caused by the Coronavirus. This thick mucus and miasma is why people on ventilators don't necessarily get better. Until it is cleared people will still struggle to breathe and possibly die of asphyxiation, or lack of oxygen.

The Energy Healing protocol involves:

  • Clearing the energy field.
  • Opening the lymph pathways to ensure the fluid in the lungs is drained via the lymphatic system and cleared from the body.
  • Removing stress from the body to enable a parasympathetic state that enables the body to heal.
  • Activating the immune system response.
  • Clearing any inflammation and dis-ease in the mindbody that originally caused the weakening of the immune system.

Find out how Distant Energy Healing works HERE

Contact me now or please pass this offer on to anyone you know who can benefit.


From 3 healing sessions @ R1 500 (80 $US), with immediate breathing relief after the first session.

Further sessions may be required, depending on how compromised the immune system is.


Mobile: +27 (0)81 842 5859


(Your privacy and information is respected and will not be disclosed or sold to anyone).